iRetouch 1.0 - Essential Photo Retouching Tools on Your iPhone

All essential image retouching tools are gathered in one app for iPhone/iPod Touch.

Basic tools:
- Crop.
- Rotate, flip.
- Resize (any size: 16...1600 px) ...
- Brightness/Contrast (two sliders).
- Black&White, Color Tone (warmer/colder), Invert - all effects are easily adjustable using on-screen sliders.

Touch-up tools:
- Pencil, Brush, predefined stamps with adjustable color, shape, size, opacity and hardness!
- Clone Stamp, Smudge - remove/duplicate, blur, change shape of anything on a photo.
- Brightness/Hue/Color touch up (create various "splash" effects). Use Hue tool to realistically modify color hues (in selected regions or entire image).
- Eraser with adjustable size, shape, effect and hardness. Excellent for creating selective colorization (press 'Black&White', then 'Entire image', set desired level of desaturation, touch image and use Eraser tool to reveal colored objects).
- Additionally, use any of 19 color blending modes to modify image colors in a specific way (there is a short description of each blending mode).

‘Basic Tools’ have unlimited Undo/Redo. For ‘Touch-up Tools’ there is an Eraser.

Touch-up tools work with images of size up to 1024x768 px, but you can save and resize image back to 1600x1200 using basic tools.

If you receive phone call during image editing - iRetouch will be able to resume your last session, including all Undo/Redo steps for basic tools.